Wedding Studio

The GOLETS brand, being a dynamically developing company that follows not only the current tendencies in the development of the fashion industry, but also responds promptly to the needs of its customers, launches its first wedding collection.

The source of inspiration, already traditionally for Helen Golets, was the beloved country of the designer - Italy. On the Apennine peninsula it is customary to celebrate the formation of a new family with a grandiose and sincere joy. Italian matriarchy is strong to this day. That is why at the celebration special attention is paid to female images embodying beauty, individuality and some independence.

The GOLETS wedding collection is a special holiday mood, when among the joyful noise of relatives and friends, the bride is calm and confident in her irresistibility. Easy in happiness and determined in the future intention to build a family on an equal footing, the bride for GOLETS is a person who reveals her new facets, presented to others in a new hypostasis.

Wedding dresses made of silk taffeta, organza, chiffon and crepe de chine, satin silk with the finest lace of Solstiss will help to emphasize the uniqueness of the moment of the wedding as an important landmark event.

"The appearance of the wedding collection has become a logical continuation of the brand GOLETS. I wanted to give women who are getting married a choice, change their attitude to the wedding party, which does not have to look like a cake. The bride in a dress from GOLETS is an independent woman who aspires to be herself, to keep her personality. Of course, I want beauty and grace to be combined with convenience. This is very important, because a wedding is a holiday, which should set aside exclusively positive memories, "explains Elena Golets.