Anniversary catwalk GOLETS F / W 19/20 06.02.2019

The anniversary collection of designer Olena Golets is festive and rock-n-roll: the 25th anniversary of the brand should be a great event. Having dressed a velour suit with wide trousers you can feel yourself as a star of the London music band of the 70s. In the images of the next season, one can fe… read more

Celebrities wearing GOLETS 12.07.2018

Alla Sheremetieva, editor in chief "She says", in top and pants by Golets SS'17.   Katya Osadchaya, presenter of the TV program "Svitske zhytja", in leather belt by GOLETS. Vasylysa Frolova TV presenter,in dress by Golets SS'17   Anna Solnceva, psychologist and presenter o… read more

All the subtleties of creating the perfect image to the prom. 11.07.2018

Fly, conquer, rejoice, delight and have fun all night long - this is the way every girl sees her prom night. Parting with a school bench or university audiences, completing one of the main stages of his life - we all want to forever remember the moment of transition into a delightful new world. And … read more

SHOW GOLETS FW'18 / 19: BEST IMAGES 25.05.2018

ANNA BONDARENKO, VIVA.UA:   The main idea of the new collection golets - simplicity and naturalness.   Designer Elena Golets in the new collection emphasized the deep simplicity and naturalness of a person. In her opinion, these features characterize the man of the 21st century. … read more

Collection Golets FW 18/19 23.01.2018

INSPIRATION The molecule of the future is a part of each of us, striving for something unknown, fascinating with its uncertainty. The point from which something great begins - the infinite Cosmos. His knowledge seems as incredible as the path to his own self. The founder of abstract art Vasily … read more

Vogue Fashion's Night Out in the boutique of the Ukrainian designer Golets 14.10.2017

The boutique of women's fashion clothing of Ukrainian designer Helen Golets invited guests to the annual fashion night Vogue Fashion's Night Out  October 13, Kiev did not cover the usual night, but fashionable. She peeked into every fashionable corner of Kiev: she drove crazy, spun, intoxicated, … read more


At the Ukrainian Fashion Week Elena Golets presented the collection Golets FW 18. INSPIRATION In the 1970s, the fashion world changed. Japanese conceptual designers who followed the path of Eastern philosophy, the inner content of their creations, showed the West, fascinated by the external be… read more

Show Golets s / s 2018 11.09.2017

Volumetric coats, trouser sets and 3D prints. Volumetric coats with rounded shoulders - a real hit by Elena Golets, so it is not surprising that the spring-summer collection of her brand consisted mainly of such models. From each other they differed by combinations of shades, prints and length. A… read more

Guests OIFF in the clothes of Ukrainian designer Elena Golets 28.07.2017

Alexei Botvinov went on the red carpet of the Odessa International Film Festival in the tuxedo Golets Atelier, as well as other guests of the OIFF The red carpet always attracts attention. It has already become a good tradition to choose the outfits of Ukrainian designers for the red carpet. … read more


The GOLETS brand, being a dynamically developing company that follows not only the current tendencies in the development of the fashion industry, but also responds promptly to the needs of its customers, launches its first wedding collection. The source of inspiration, already traditionally for H… read more